Inaugurated in 1988 by qualified toolmakers, specialized in the manufacturing of aluminum molds used in the lost wax process. The company grew from two milling machines at the early stages to having the latest in today’s technology. Currently, CP Molds has the ability to produce any sized tool and respond to customer demands. Whether the molds are single or multiple-cavity, and manual or automated, we are able construct as per your specifications.


CP Molds is able to build tools sizing up to sixty inches in length from any type of aluminum. All tools are delivered complete with air vents, dowel pins and socket head cap screws. Gates may also be implemented upon request. Runners and inlets are machined as per customer specifications. Inserts are polished, washed and sprayed prior to delivery. We make our in-house samples and inspect the wax thoroughly before the aluminum mold is shipped.

You can see some of our recent products here.


The four thousand square foot shop floor is equipped with six conventional milling machines, lathe, EDM, two CNCs, standard shop equipment and wax injection machine used for our samples.

Gallery of our machinery can be viewed here.